Akçakoca Sürücü Kursu Olarak Sürücü adaylarımızın ehliyet alma şartlarını eksiksiz yerine getirmelerini ve kazasız bir sürüş deneyimi yaşayabilmeleri için en yüksek kalitede eğitim hizmeti sunmayı ilke edindik. Bu doğrultuda, standartlara uygun ve uygulamaya dayalı bir eğitim modeli geliştirerek sizlerle buluşturmayı hedefliyoruz.

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Instructor Training

Driving school and institute are terms that can be used interchangeably to refer to an organization that provides driving education and training to learners. However, some sources may distinguish between them based on the level of specialization, accreditation, or curriculum they offer.

For example, BRAC driving school in Bangladesh offers two training programmes: Shurakkha (defensive driving training) for commercial vehicle drivers and basic driving for the general public. It also has a project called Four Wheels To Freedom which trains professional female.


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It also provides value-added services such as assistance on own car, training on upgraded car models, and license assistance

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